Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Will he come online tonight?

What to do till he got on? She could do her homework that she was assigned in class... no she knew that she wouldn't be able to give it the full attention that it needed. She could play the 360... no she still wouldn't be able to get past the level of Devil May Cry 4 that she was stuck on. There was nothing that she could think that would hold her interest long enough. She opened MSN and stared at the screen.

She had known him in high school, and had met through one of her many ex-boyfriends, but never gave him the chance to really get to know him. She almost dated him after they graduated, but she moved out of state and she thought that it would be better if she didn't talk to him after that.

She dated his best friend, when she moved back to Denver, and things between them became awkward and soon after they were fighting more than anything.

He moved a few months after she got back and they talked every so often, but it was never like it was before and it usually ended with one of them leaving without telling the other. Or something just as bad.

Their last actual conversation was almost four years ago and now she wonders if there was anything that she could have done in order to make things less awkward when they talked. Nothing came to her when she thought of it or their time together that summer.

Lately she had been able to talk to him more and slowly getting to know him, something that she started to wish that she did in high school, and now she was looking forward to their nightly chats. She didn't know then but she liked him more than she lead everybody to believe, but now that they were talking again she didn't know how to tell him.

She kept thinking about what he had said to her the first night they started talking again.

"Each time I look back on that summer I’m reminded how dumb as toast I was and how great you were."

She shook her head not believing that he could mean what he said.

Her class was long and boring, she knew everything that they were being taught. Characterization, making your characters your own and stuff like that, not something that she didn't need to sit through.

6:50 pm

The day had passed slowly as she waited for him to get home and on MSN.

Twenty minutes before he got home, at least.

Would he get on today like she hoped?

She knew that he liked her still and that she liked him, but she wasn't sure what would become of it. She didn't know what to expect from him, he confused her more often then she understood him.

7:00 pm

She sat up straight and looked at the screen again.

He would be on soon, wouldn't he?

She smiled when she saw a pop up saying "Matthew has signed in."

She typed:

No reply came.

'What? He's there, but why isn't he talking to me?'

She typed:

Still nothing.

Now she confused, she hadn't said anything the day before to make him mad did she?

She didn't think that she had.

She rolled her eyes and began on her homework.

10:00 pm

She sighed and picked up a book from off the top of her desk. She had to do something, maybe she should have gone out with her friends, like they wanted her to. But she would rather sit in her room and talk to him, she'd talk to him all night if she could and there have been times that they almost had.

She never expected to feel this disappointment, and almost hurt, when he didn't answer her messages.

She stared at the book and threw it onto her bed when she decided that she didn't actually want to read it.

'Maybe I should go to bed early...I do have that class in the morning.' She rolled her eyes and began getting ready for bed. 'If he isn't going to be on when he said that he would then I'm not going to wait on him.' She laid on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

6:30 am

She looked over at her computer and sighed. This was the fifth time that she had woke up since she decided to stop waiting for him. She got up and walked over to her computer. She entered her password for her screen saver and stared in shock.

Hey sorry I missed talking to you, I was out later than I had expected. I miss you.

She smiled and went back to bed, knowing that she'd talk to him tomorrow.